The Sussex Indian Punjabi Society (SIPS for short) was formed in May 1997 in Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas by members of the local Indian Punjabi community. This was because of the growing need of the hour to teach younger members of community our culture and to provide a meeting point for the community.

Hence the Aim’s of SIPS are to:

  • Provide a meeting point the local Indian Community
  • Teach younger members of community our culture
  • Arrange two functions in a year
  • Provide superb Punjabi food at our functions

Since those early days our functions have grown and guests attending our functions now come from all different parts of India. Each & everyone is welcome and our society’s functions (provided they purchase tickets in advance) are now an integral part of the Local Indian Community’s calendar in the area.

We do not have any designated officials such as president, secretary etc. Our aim is not to build up bank balance and each function should breakeven financially. There is no annual membership fee (only fee is purchase of tickets for the function by attending persons).

We are open to anyone who wants to join us and help organize our functions.