We are delighted to share with you the amazing news of Shilpi Chandra, one of four dedicated members nominated for Brighton & Hove buses ‘Above & Beyond’ campaign.

She has been recognised as ‘Community Champion’ having gone above & beyond in her daily life to make Brighton & Hove an even better place to be.

Her face and that of other ‘Community Champions’ will be on Brighton & Hove route 1 buses who go Above & Beyond.

Lets celebrate these wonderful people and organisations that go the extra mile in making a positive impact on the lives of local people.

See Brighton & Hove website for full details:




When Shilpi Chandra first moved to Brighton from the small town of Mussoorie in North India, she knew no one except her husband. But over the years she has become a crucial figure in city life. 

For over a decade, Shilpi has been a leading light in the city’s North Indian community and active member of Sussex Indian Punjabi Society. Gifted at bringing people of all ages together, she has been a key force in creating connections between various local Indian groups. For instance during lockdown, when the community wasn’t able to celebrate Diwali in the usual way, her work inspired a free live Facebook concert to raise money for the charity. She also organised Christmas presents for the homeless including gloves, hats, scarves along with a hot meal.

And when Shilpi’s daughter Kiara had to cancel her ninth birthday party in April due to lockdown, they both decided to do something for the community. So mother and daughter gave away decorated packages crammed with treats to homeless people on the seafront. News of this went viral on social media and gathered attention worldwide, including some Bollywood stars. As a result, Shilpi and Kiara created the Bag of Kindness initiative, where people can donate a meal on their birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions. To date, over 1000 homemade meals have now been given to the homeless. 

Shilpi also hasn’t forgotten her hometown of Mussoorie, where she helps the Red Rose School for disadvantaged children as a teacher, sponsor and fundraiser. In fact, whether it is in Brighton or in India, Shilpi Chandra is just one of those people who wants to make the world a better place. And best of all, she is inspiring everyone else to do the same.