We are delighted to share with you the amazing news of Gerald Flanagan, one of our volunteers nominated for Brighton & Hove buses ‘Above & Beyond’ campaign.

He has been recognised as ‘Community Champion’ having gone above & beyond in his daily life to make Brighton & Hove an even better place to be.

His face and that of other ‘Community Champions’ will be on Brighton & Hove route 1 buses who go Above & Beyond.

Lets celebrate these wonderful people and organisations that go the extra mile in making a positive impact on the lives of local people.

See Brighton & Hove website for full details:




As Head Park-keeper of Wish Park in Hove, Gerald Flanagan is known for the warm welcome he gives to every single visitor. In fact, Gerald has worked hard to create a strong community spirit by getting to know each regular park user individually. And whatever the weather, he always finds the time to chat, offering a listening ear to anyone who needs it. 

He is also very proactive in making the park a better place, giving up his own free time to attend meetings and research ideas. Whatever the problem or challenge, Gerald is always willing to find a solution. In fact, he goes above and beyond with all his duties, whether that’s keeping the space totally shipshape or coming up with the colourful park mural initiative.

Gerald’s endless enthusiasm is contagious, creating positive changes all around him and making Wish Park a better place for all. And although he has faced more than his fair share of challenges in life, he stays focused on bringing a smile to the faces of everybody he meets.